Positive Psychologies

The Berry Street Education Model provides the overarching framework for positive psychologies at Wulagi School. Some elements of the Wulagi approach include:

Whole school relationship

At Wulagi we ensure all students know the Wulagi Way. We greet and acknowledge each child every day. We ensure and encourage each child to be part of the morning circle and use topic-specific language, especially with choices. We have adopted the Zones of Regulation for behaviour supports.

Positive regard

Through the use of unconditional positive regard, Wulagi educators believe all students want to belong, achieve and feel valued regardless of their behaviours. We acknowledge children’s behaviour is a way of communicating an unmet need. We separate the student from their behaviour by maintaining a vision of a child’s wholeness and we stay present for the child throughout their learning journey.

Redefining power

At Wulagi we use the power of positive interactions to empower our students to make good choices regarding their academic and social and emotional development.

Golden statements

At Wulagi golden statements are used by educators to maintain relationships and to empower students with clear expectations for learning. This is simply done by flipping “you will” to “I will” when giving clear instructions.

Active constructive responding

At Wulagi we give active constructive responses by demonstrating curiosity and having genuine interest in our students by repeating statements and asking questions. We invite opportunities for sharing, reflecting and discussing next steps in learning.

Process vs. person praise

At Wulagi process vs person praise looks like specific feedback that encourages a growth mindset geared towards personal goal setting and achievement.

Empathy and Zen

At Wulagi we acknowledge that empathetic and Zen relationships are imperative to having the ability to correctly perceive the troubles of others and build an emotional connection with unconditional positive regard. We respond to situations with a Zen mind by pausing all reactions, noticing mind and breathing and preparing our next move in a present, centred and grounded way.


At Wulagi we strive to form soothing, comforting and safe relationships that ensure worthiness and security of all students. We create authentic relationships to ensure students feel comfortable to take healthy risks, without the fear of failure, within their learning.