When we refer to the ‘image of the child’ we are reflecting on our intrinsic beliefs and understandings of children as powerful, capable, competent learners. We resonate with the decades of wisdom from Reggio Emilia in Italy who form the image of the child as individuals, diverse, distinct and rich in potential, who are strong, competent and connected to others.

Our image of the child is one of active learner, co-creators of knowledge, stakeholders of identity and culture. We observe children holistically and collaboratively; the children are all our children, they are citizens of our community with reciprocal rights and we facilitate and respect their right to find their space of Belonging that will enable their optimum learning to occur.

The image of child also underpins how educators act towards and communicate with children and this in turn influences the child’s image of self. Educators are mindful of their phrases, avoiding empty praise, gender stereotypes and autocratic responses. Instead they use mindful feedback that has a greater focus of the child’s effort, their journey and the next step, rather than the finished product.

Wulagi School


The first step on a positive and productive pathway for your child 

Wulagi Primary School one of the best kept secrets in Darwin Northern suburbs. An Independent Public School governed by a School Board and situated approximately 18 kilometres from the heart of Darwin in the unique and exquisite Northern Territory, Australia and a school of first choice in our community. Wulagi Primary School provides quality teaching and learning in a caring environment, where educators connect intimately with all students, knowing and meeting their individual needs.

The school caters for 250 students from Preschool to Year 6. We connect closely with and proudly feed to, Sanderson Middle School providing a seamless transition to the next phases of learning. We have 10 Primary classes and two Preschool classes. On our school site is the Wulagi Early Learning Centre. A child learns with us at Wulagi Primary School from 6 weeks of age to Year 6. It is a big responsibility and we take our responsibility to collaborate with parents and to work in partnership, seriously and from the heart.

Wulagi offers After School Hours Care for up to 52 children on site and a Families as First Teachers Playgroup so in collaboration with the Early Learning Centre we cater for parenting in the 21st century, and the economic and professional needs of families in a variety of respectful, nurturing and exciting learning environments.

Be the Best You Can is our school motto and we pride ourselves on always striving to be our best in every aspect from classroom teaching and learning to our sustainability and wellbeing programs, and to our community connections. We are a school of diversity with children of 15 nationalities from Asia, South Pacific, African and Asian countries which adds dimension and depth to our school. 35% of our children identify as Indigenous bring the wisdom and culture of our first people to the whole community.

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