About Us - Principals Welcome

As the Principal I have a passion for a school where children achieve proudly against high academic standards. I lead a school that puts children’s literacy and numeracy learning front and centre.

I have a passion for harmony and wellbeing and work with all Wulagi educators and community to strive for a peaceful and productive learning environment in a real world that sometimes seems chaotic.

Sustainability and community are also my passions and I look forward to opening the school more and more to the community and to developing strongly our sense of community and our sustainable practices.

Every day I see students striving to Be the Best They Can and I commend, admire and celebrate them.

As an Independent Public School the school is governed by a School Board which has a real, relevant and significant impact on the school’s foci-sustainability, student well being, high academic attainment and community connectedness.  

When I first came to Wulagi the then School Council Chair said, ‘Wulagi is a small school with a big heart’. And it is! It is a small, vibrant school that is growing and changing. Every day I love coming to school. I enjoy every single day and every single day I feel a great sense of optimism for our children.

 We aim for Wulagi Primary School to be a high performing school and the school of first choice in our community.

 I invite you to join us.

Susan Kilgour